Research, Development and training sector of S.R.P.M Co.


• Main objectives of research & development sector:


Research and development sector of S.R.P.M Co. was established based on activities to institutionalize technology development process, administrative structures experience and optimization of investments and research costs in order to achieve knowledge-based industrial economy and consistent development. Scientific and technology development are among fundamental objectives of the company. Basic plans in this sector include:


- adjustment of utilization of modern technologies and developing more added value

- increasing productivity and promoting factors influencing it, through conducting development and research projects

- optimization of existing processes with emphasis on promotion of automation level

- improvement of products to catch up with increasingly demands of energy sector



• Main objectives of training center:


In today’s world with increasingly developing technology, need for skilled human resources familiar to new skills is more than ever. Therefore S.R.P.M Co. established a scientific-practical educational center under supervision of university of applied science and technology with majors in: industrial drawing, mechanical repairing, welding, marketing and safety and health, business management, steel rolling majors. Aim for this educational center is to train skilled technician and engineers for different levels of industrial community. So main plans of company include:

• promotion of scientific knowledge of personnel and improving their knowledge of update science and technology in piping industry

• taking part in human resource planning through planning and conducting training courses required for international standards

• Providing educational course related to quality management systems of environment, safety and job health based on international standards.

• Providing educational courses related to technical inspection, welding and non-destructive tests.