Coating Products

Safa Rolling Coating Products


Adhering to main policy of customer satisfaction two coating lines has been purchased , assembled and commissioned . One is to apply 3 layer polyethylene outer coating with capacity of 750 m2/hr in accordance with DIN 30670 ,ISO 21809-1 , IPS , IGS standards , second , is to apply epoxy inner coating for protection in sour gas , Water and sewage services.
According to AWWA C210, API RP 5L2 standards & customer spec.

The Machinery is made by Selmer's from Netherlands. The process has been designed with special chemical treatment and chromate layer to achieve maximum adhesion between coating and metal surface.

External Coating
External 3- layer polyethylene (PE/PP)

  • Size : 10" to 100"
  • Sequence of coating Application
  • Water wash and preheating of external surface
  • Mechanical blasting to SA 2 1/2
  • Chemical treatment
  • Electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder
  • Applying grafted adhesive
  • Applying high density PE/PP as top coat
  • Water cooling of pipe to the normal temperature
  • End cleaning
  • Holiday inspection of entire surface
  • Final control and laboratory


Internal Coating
Internal Epoxy

  • Size : 10" to 100"
  • Sequence of coating Application
  • Preheating
  • Mechanical blasting to SA 2 1/2
  • Hot applied coating
  • Curing
  • Holiday inspection
  • Final control
  • Laboratory tests