Pipe External Coating Mill


This mill founded in 2005-2006 has the ability of coating pipes in with 6-100in. Diameter according to international standards such as IPS-G-TP-335 and TP-010-1 and 2 and DIN 30670 and customer specification, and with regard to high speed of the line, this mill has the ability of coating up to 850sqm/h.
In external coating process, first, external surface of pipe is washed and passes through pre-heating ovens. In shut blast the pipe is corrosion controlled up to SA 2 ½ (minimum) by two foam systems and is set below its surface, in minimum 40 microns. Then pickling is performed on external surface of pipe. After gaining required cleanness and roughness, pipe is moved to coating application station.
If it is demanded by customer, it is possible to add chromate to coating system in coating application system. In that case, first chrome is applied on the surface of pipe with desired thickness and then pipe is heated by induction heater. After heating, epoxy powder as first layer, cohesive layer as second layer and polyethylene layer as third layer are applied on the pipe with desired thickness and are cooled in channel by water spraying with intervals. Then ends coatings are peeled and at the end of line, coating quality is tested by electrical pore finder. If the coating operation is acceptable pipes are transmitted to storage area.