Profiles in large dimensions for industrial and construction structures


Building a strong and resistant building depends on strong materials and appropriate execution. Nowadays wide researches have been performed to substitute old sections with new sections. In facts the aim is increasing strength, decreasing cost and easier and faster installation and execution. Recent researches indicate that hollow structural sections (known as HSS) instead of old conventional sections, offer many advantages.

What is HSS?

It is seam welding hollow sections with high strength which is used as component of buildings, structures. Currently one of the common application of HSS with large dimensions (large sized boxes) is as buildings’ pile. Piles are one of the important parts of buildings especially skeletal structures which have major role in bearing and transmission of imposed loads. Some Advantages of using HSS instead of conventional sections are:


1. Less cost

2. Less weight and more load tolerance

3. Dimension fitness and useful usage of space

4. Suitable resistance against high velocity winds

5. Easiness of use

6. Flexibility