Quality Control ( QC )

Safa Rolling Quality Control


Quality and Quality Assurance Organization:
Quality is a strategic subject at SAFA Rolling and Pipe Mills Company and this company has established its policy according to quality management system framework, that's why three independent departments (Methods and Systems, Quality Control, Laboratories) have been established at quality assurance organization:


  1. Quality Assurance :
    In addition to implementing and maintaining of quality management system according to API SPEC Q1 (2003), ISO/TS 29001 and ISO 9001 (2000) standards, Methods and Systems Department is also responsible for preparing and updating of standards at different sections.


  2. Quality Control:
    • Raw materials Quality Control Department:
      This department with experienced employees is responsible for preparing of raw materials specification according to ability of production line and fulfilling of customer requirements, this department is also control all received raw materials by performing required tests and certificates checking.
    • Quality Control Departments of Pipe manufacturing and Coating Plants:
      These departments with experienced and expert employees, also non-destructive test and inspection equipments (Ultrasonic, Radiography, magnetic particle test, liquid penetrant and …) are able to guarantee products according to customer agreed requirements.
    • Laboratories Department:
      This department with experienced and expert employees has been equipped in order to monitor and control destructive tests that are required for evaluating of products and raw materials quality.
      1. Polymer and Chemist Laboratory:

        This laboratory is able to conduct all the tests related to raw materials and coating plant products according to API, AWWA, IPS, IGS, DIN and … standards.

      • Calibration Laboratory:
        This laboratory can calibrate all measurement tools that are used for measuring electrical units, temperature, moisture, pressure, weight, dimensions and …

      • Metallographic Laboratory:
        This laboratory is able to survey microstructure and macrostructure of metal, also micro and macro hardness at different magnifications and loads.

      • Mechanical Laboratory:
        This laboratory is able to measure strength and toughness of materials with tensile, bend, charpy and DWTT machines according to API 5L, DIN and ASTM standards.

      • Corrosion Laboratory:
        This laboratory is able to measure resistance of material against sour environments that are included H2S gas by SSCC and HIC tests according to NACE TM0177 and NACE TM0284.

      • Spectrometry Laboratory:
        Spectrometer of this laboratory can analyze chemical composition of steels.