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Spiral Production Process


Gas spiral production line


  1. The production line of this mill started for production of oil and gas pipes according to API 5L standard & customer supplimentary requirement made by HOSCh and MEG Germany in 2005 with capacity of 225000 T/Y.
  2. This line is capable of producting pipes with 20 to 60 inch outside diameter, thickness of 5.6 to19.1 mm and length of 8 to16 meters with material grade B to X70.
  3. The forming angel for producing pipes is between 15 to 45 degree with maximum width of 1850 mm , according to DIN 1016 standard.
  4. Process of strip forming accomplish by three rollers forming method and continuous bending and after tack welding in the off line internal and external pipe welded by submerged arc welding (SAW) system than at final complete pipe production process.
  5. The next process includ visual inspection, hydrostatic test, ultrasonic, X-Ray, beveling, magnetic particle and final inspection for all pipes after each process.