Safa Rolling Vision


The Company is considered as one of the leading producers of stee Pipes sectionsl. The companies being run by this industrial group are capable of producing various types of steel products including: pipes, boxes and profiles for different applications and consumptions to offer to 3 key markets:

  1. Energy
  2. Construction
  3. Auto industry.

Supervision and managing the depending companies and making decisions and executing the strategically polices by the group's management board


Customers' satisfaction by improving the quality of products, applying the most advanced technologies, employing expert human recourses in all organizational levels in depending companies.


Increasing the variety of steel products and entering new internal and global markets and increasing the market share of the depending companies through creating new capacities and improving the current capacities by the technical and expert study of market need.



Future plan & development of Safa Rolling & Pipe Mills Co.


Below mentioned mills are under construction in 250 hectares land and with 250,000 sqm of halls at S.R.P.M Co.


1. Steel making plant

This plant with annual production capacity of 2,000,000 tons steel in the form of billet and bloom can be used for demands of raw material for other mills in the group.

2. Rail & heavy sections mill

Annual capacity of this mill is 500,000 tons producing rails and sections as detailed in below:


• Various kinds of rail, with 12 to 60 m. length.
• H, IPE and INP beams with 6 to 12 m. length, in 120-400 mm dimension.
• Profile, channel, strip, bar and different profiles with 6 to 12 m. length for construction and industrial applications.

3. Light Sections mill

Annual production capacity of this mill is 750,000 tons and produces various kinds of steel products including beams and channels for construction and industrial applications in
120-200 mm dimensions suitable for construction and industrial applications.


4. Steel bar mill

Annual production capacity of this mill is 500,000 tons producing simple steel bar and rebar in 10 to 40 mm diameter.


5. Steel wire mill

Annual production capacity of this mill is 250,000 tons producing wire steel in 5-10 mm. diameter.


• Overall progress percentage of above projects is around 80 percent up to know.
Main facilities foreseen for above plans of S.R.P.M Co. include the following:
• High pressure power station in 63/20 kv and 60 MW electric consumption.
• Water treatment plant with capacity of 72 sqm/hr.
• Natural gas reducing station with capacity of 20,000 sqm/hr.
• Rail road network with total area of 95 hectare in plants area to be connected to the country railway network.
• Telecommunication system including 100 external and 4000 internal lines in form of optical fiber and developing LAN and WAN network through all plants.
• Waste water collection for the entire area of the complex as well as distillation facilities for recovery in above plants is designed and to be incorporated.