Safa Rolling History



Year 1992 Based on increasing demand for large size pipes in the country, the company was established. First phase of this establishment included four mills equipped with possibility of producing 1.6 million tons pipes annually in 8-120 in. dia. for oil, gas, petrochemical, and water, sewage, industrial and construction industries applications and possibilities for external coating of 3 layer polyethylenes and internal coating of epoxy were also foreseen.

Year 2000 Following field studies and for centrality reasons, city of Saveh was selected for establishment of the company.

Year 2001 A 500 hectare area in 9 th. km. of Saveh -Tehran highway and next to main to country railroad, was allocated for the complex, and government establishment license for the company was issued.

Year 2002 Erection of first two mills (Spiral and RB mills) started simultaneously.

Year 2003 First spiral mill, with annual capacity of 75,000 tons for water transmission pipes application was commissioned.
On “day of Industry and Mine” company was awarded with certificate of appreciation.

Year 2004 Roll bending (RB) mill was commissioned with annual capacity of 675,000 tons for oil, gas and water pipes.

Year 2005 63/20 kv. post with 30 MW power required for pipe mills, water treatment and gas station with capacity of 20,000 m3/hr. were commissioned. Company was awarded by Oil Ministry of Islamic Republic of Iran and was selected as outstanding entrepreneur in oil industry.


Year 2006 External polyethylene coating plant with capacity of 850 sqm/hr. was commissioned. Also, construction of rail and section mill with annual capacity of 500,000 tons was started. Company was awarded by Ministry of Industry and Mine as selected investor.

Year 2007 Internal coating mill with capacity of 850 sqm/hr. was commissioned.


Year 2009 Second spiral mill specific for oil, gas, and water pipes with annual capacity of 225,000 tons and ERW mill with annual capacity of 625,000 tons. for pipes and profiles in 20 mm. thickness were commissioned.


Today Company by possessing 297.877 sqm of covered area has the annual capacity of producing 1.6 million tons of pipes for oil, gas, petrochemical, water, and industrial and construction industries application.